Inspiring and empowering Broadway to rethink the guest experience.

Intelligent, scalable agents — working for you!

We are harnessing and amalgamating all the elements customers are demanding of a Broadway experience,

 creating a seamless digital experience — bridging a connection between live events and theater-goers. 


The presence of AI and machine learning in the theater space — gathering, sorting and consuming data, can change the way Broadway does business and consumers can create their own superior experience.  


We work with our partners to help them build deeper and customized relationships with their audiences via our intelligent ticketing agent.  


Our technology solutions help customers navigate and seamlessly plan their experiences during live events, creating a high-value exchange between guests and the Broadway community.  The platform builds a custom experience in a single digital transaction inclusive of ticketing, parking, pre- and post- show needs to provide real-time information about late-entry policies and beyond. 


Our platform and digital experience can be fully integrated via websites, Facebook pages, SMS text messaging and other social channels as a new point of reference for guests who need assistance or information.









02 is expanding into search to deliver best in class experiences beyond the show by providing:

  • Optimized mobile experience

  • Voice integrations (Amazon, Google, etc.)

  • Customized agent responses

  • Geographic targeting





  • Our platform only gets smarter.  Our AI/ML abilities continuously evolve with each conversation and question asked, allowing you to generate and mine your conversational data   

  • We have created a unique partnership with both Ticketmaster and Telecharge so customers can access seating and ticket purchasing directly through events pages. 

    • SaaS Business Model

    • No scrape of ticketing income



13.79M guests attended Broadway shows in 2018.  We are working to unlock that audience potential for marketers, businesses and brands beyond the playbill.  


The Digital Ticketing Assistant platform is a new channel for brands to reach these theatergoers and guests by providing best in class recommendations from dining and parking to shopping, furthering the reach beyond the show.





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